Market Insights and Talent Acquisition Designed for Your Supply Chain Company

It’s tough to find professionals who are adept at warehouse operations, internal logistics, and resource and materials management. Now these same departments also have to consider the rise of automation and AI technologies, both valuable tools for success in the modern-day era.

Stay On Top of Trends -> We keep track of industry changes and advancements so you know what candidates are looking for.

Build Ongoing Relationships -> We keep in touch with candidates in your talent pool so you can fill job vacancies with proven talent quickly.

Cover Your Bases -> Ensure your job descriptions and role profiles are built to attract quality candidates through proven optimization techniques.

We know how important an awareness of risk management is for your company. Recent unprecedented disruptions have led us all to take a step back, regroup, and reanalyze everything — including the people we hire.

Talent Intelligence’s research-backed recruitment process takes all this into account, from focusing on both hiring and retention to improving employee relationships and building diverse teams.

We deliver solutions that result in long-term value for your business. Our methods will keep your supply chain management team working efficiently, making sure your business isn’t slowed by job vacancies. We also help you attract the right talent for your team, leading to rewarding career development for people who want to work for and with you to create stable, predictable growth.

Supply Chain Recruitment – How It Works at a Glance

It’s not easy to find the best talent for procurement and supply chain positions. At least, not without the help of an experienced recruitment agency. We at Talent Intelligence have 20 years under our belt serving companies in your position looking for the right talent for their supply chain and logistics hiring and operational goals.

We’ve crafted a few practices that will help you find the right fit for open roles. Three of our most unique and essential practices include:

Market Insights and Employer Brand Intelligence – Call it an audit of your current standing in the marketplace. We help you build strategies and messages that will help others in the procurement field see you as a top-notch employer. What can you do to improve your brand perception? After all, you have to put out the energy you want to attract.

Exclusivity – It’s no secret that candidates typically consider more than one company at a time. However, when working with us, you won’t have to worry. We keep your talent pool exclusive to you, never presenting them to anyone else.

Cost-Effectiveness – Unlike other companies who will charge you success fees, we keep things transparent and don’t add on additional fees beyond our established agreement. It’s much easier for you to budget your recruitment costs this way.

Supply Chain Recruitment Services

We handle talent acquisition for supply chain services in areas including:

  • Consulting
  • Customer Service
  • Demand Planning
  • Direct / Indirect Procurement
  • Distribution Management
  • Finance Operations
  • Indirect Procurement
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Marketing Operations
  • Merchandise Buying
  • Operations Management
  • Procurement Management and Analysis
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Supply Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation
  • Vendor Management
  • Warehousing

We Help You Focus Exclusively on Supply Chain Management

Let’s face it. A whole lot goes into supply chain management. Like us, you have an integration phase, making sure your strategic planning uses up-to-date data which must be communicated properly.

The operations part of supply chain management is another hurdle. And then, of course, there’s purchase and distribution. Managing vendors, balancing your inventory, capacity planning, and production takes a lot of time and effort.

You need a team that can not only keep all these efforts in check, but that also aligns with your company values and long-term goals.

Let Talent Intelligence help you focus on locating, vetting, and engaging diverse talent for your supply chain team.

There Are Other Supply Chain Talent Agencies… Why Choose Us?

It’s true, we’ve got competitors, too. Other talent agencies exist who can help you hire for your supply chain management needs. So why choose us?

Here are a few reasons why Talent Intelligence might be right for you:

1. Talent Intelligence is a company built around integrity — we don’t share the Market Intelligence we gather – for example, salary and benefits information – with other companies.

Instead, you can use this crucial information, unavailable without our research tools, to dive deep with us as we work on refining role profiles, salary ranges, and more. While we’re the recruitment experts, we want you to be the brand leader in your industry’s marketplace.

2. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our unique fixed-fee business model. Other, more traditional recruitment agencies might present you with multiple candidates, charge you a hiring fee for selecting one of them, then charge you again a year down the line if you choose to hire another of these candidates. We never charge you twice for work we’ve only done once, and all talent we present to you is available for you to hire at any time without any additional costs.

3. Finally, we add value to your company through our recruitment process. We may start off with 25 candidates. Then, we might cut it down to about six.

Before the cut, we learn how all 25 candidates view your company, their salary requirements, and more. Brand and talent market feedback is invaluable. In addition to finding the right candidate, you benefit from what we call Employer Brand Intelligence.

Optimize Your Supply Chain Strategy Development with Talent Intelligence

It’s one thing to hire a new employee, it’s another to find the right talent using intelligent data.

To see how Talent Intelligence can help you find diverse, qualified, leading talent for improving your Supply Chain strategy, get in touch with us below.

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