Talent Dashboards give you continuous access to your candidate and talent information, enabling you to quickly fill open roles, evaluate the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts, plan for future talent needs, and develop strategies when necessary.

What is a Talent Dashboard?

One of the most important tools we use is the Talent Dashboard. This interactive data hub gives you real-time updates on your talent search, including key insights into candidates, detailed biographies for each candidate, and much more in-depth analysis into the individuals you’re considering for open positions. This tool is also completely customizable, meaning you can focus on specific criteria relevant to your search. Check out a sample Talent Dashboard here.

Dashboards can be used for many different things, including showcasing your talent pipeline, visualizing Competitive and Market Intelligence data, and tracking key metrics throughout the hiring process. ​

Some of the major benefits to using our Talent Dashboards are:

  • Get to your short list faster by prioritizing candidates based on key qualifications and criteria. ​When it comes to hiring, timing can be incredibly important. Our Talent Dashboards allow you to access all of the candidate data we collect in real time, allowing you to make informed decisions on your talent when you need to.
  • Pivot and target your recruitment strategy based on market trends and what is working or not working.
  • Target your recruitment efforts by identifying which competitors develop talent with the skills you need​ and target the employees who progress the fastest.
  • Adjust your recruitment outreach campaigns based on the geographic talent densities​ with the characteristics you need to fulfil your talent needs.
  • Inform and influence your future talent strategies (e.g., recruiting talent or developing internal talent) by leveraging qualitative data from talent in the market, and quantitative data on your current workforce and recruitment success. ​
  • Develop evidence-based recruitment strategies based on the historical trends of your talent pools and monitor and adjust your efforts as the situation evolves.
  • Establish deeper strategic partnerships with your business leaders by providing talent market data and recommendations relevant to their needs​
  • Provide a foundation for advanced data analytics to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of recruitment efforts

How You Can Use Talent Dashboards

At the start of our partnership, we will custom-build your Talent Dashboards using advanced Power BI data visualization software. This will give all relevant stakeholders in your company access to your dashboards, providing an overall view of all your TI-partnered projects.

To get a better understanding of the functionality of these data hubs, you can refer to our sample dashboard. Be sure to explore the provided data on the landing page and the pages linked at the bottom for a comprehensive understanding of how dashboards can benefit you.

Talent Dashboards are provided for most of our recruiting and research partnerships. Similarly, standalone competitive intelligence projects come with landing pages that offer real-time updates and deeper insights into the work as it progresses.

Talent Dashboards: Insights and Market Intelligence

Talent Dashboards are not only used for sharing candidate information, but also for highlighting various workforce analytics and providing a deeper understanding of the information gained through research conversations. Our consultants will help translate the qualitative information into usable data to aid in building a talent strategy based on our findings.

We offer the ability to customize your dashboards based on your most critical talent challenges and available data, such as:

  • Gender and diversity analyses
  • Experience and compensation or benefits trends
  • Industry trends
  • Employer brand perceptions
  • Competitor-specific talent insights (hiring trends, promotion rates, etc.)

All data is presented in a format that allows your teams to quickly understand and act on the results. This enables you to be more agile, adjust and plan, as well as capitalize on past success by examining what works.

Key Components of a Talent Dashboard

As the central hub for all the information we gather on your behalf, Talent Dashboards contain a vast amount of data. The range of ways you can use this data is even more impressive.

Project Overview:

The main landing page of your dashboard will feature important highlights such as key statistics on your talent pipeline, numbers of candidates and their status in the process, and much more. This information is fully customizable, so we can ensure you can access what’s most important to you at any time.

Market Intelligence:

As you delve deeper into your dashboard, additional pages provide in-depth information on the market to assist in shaping your recruitment strategy. Whether you’re interested in where the most in-demand talent in your industry is located, which candidates are willing to relocate, or comparing salary and benefit information to candidate requests or competitor offerings, your dashboard can show you this information with custom filters and views that allow you to quickly adjust scenarios and obtain the data you need.

Candidate Analysis:

When it comes to analyzing candidates, your dashboard offers a wealth of information. In addition to general candidate profiles, we also provide data on where we sourced the candidate from, their previous interactions with your company, and any feedback received from stakeholders or the candidate themselves. We use this information to identify patterns and adjust the scope of the role, including job descriptions, requested skills and experience, and more, to attract the right talent.

Succession Planning:

A comprehensive talent strategy extends beyond immediate hiring needs. Our Talent Dashboards provide a unique feature for succession planning. We can sort and display job candidates by business area, experience level, and any other information you’ve collected, making it easy to visualize these individuals in current roles or filling future vacancies in key positions.

The Difference Talent Dashboards Can Make

Talent Intelligence’s advanced Talent Dashboards provide a wealth of information to key stakeholders and present it in an easily accessible and understandable format. We are confident that we can help you use this powerful technology to create data-driven talent strategies that exceed your expectations. Request a consultation today to see how we can assist you.

Talent Dashboard FAQs

You will be granted access to a client portal, which will house your dashboards and other project documentation.
You will receive access and training during our client onboarding process. Additionally, you will also have access to our team of analysts to assist you in your data analysis.