Companies today are looking for a more sophisticated, personalized solution to their talent acquisition needs. Our clients depend on Talent Intelligence’s data-driven services and industry-specific expertise in order to fill positions with the right talent.

Bringing Industry Intelligence to Talent Acquisition

Our strategic, analytical approach to talent acquisition works because it’s applicable and adaptable to the needs of your industry. You can put our research and analytics teams to use diving into your specific industry or region to better understand what candidates are looking for. Many of our clients use our Competitive and Market Intelligence service to get a massive leg up within their industry by letting us research their competitors and candidates and generate valuable operational insights.

Other clients have let us help expand their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts so that top talent looking for a diverse team know that they are industries leaders in this area.

Helping You Become a Leader in Your Industry

No matter your hiring goals, we’ve been there before. Our experienced solutions team will help you address your specific talent needs and present vetted, highly qualified candidates that will help move your company forward.

We’ve built longstanding relationships with our Fortune 500 companies and organizations across a wide range of industries. Our clients trust us to deliver the best, most qualified individuals to fill anything from C-Suite and management leadership roles to high-volume staffing needs.

We also know how important transparency is to building a lasting partnership. Not only do we work on a fixed-fee, instead of a tradition percentage of salary model, but we’ll also never shop your candidates or any market intelligence we’ve gathered on your behalf to your competitors.

The Key Industries We Serve

Below is just a sample of the various industries our team has worked in to provide custom, data-driven talent solutions. Click on each industry to learn more about our unique approach, what sets us apart, and how we can help you. Don’t see your industry listed? We’re confident we can help you. Get in touch for a consultation and we’ll show you how we can adapt our services to your specific situation and needs.

Supply Chain

Health Care

Consumer Brands

Digital and Technology

Green Energy

Food and Agribusiness


Medical Devices


Professional Business Services

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