What is Career Performance Intelligence?

Finding the best way to evaluate and develop existing talent has always been one of the largest challenges for managers and HR departments alike. With our depth of knowledge and experience in the talent acquisition and succession planning world, we put together a holistic program that we believe will help you align your company culture, organizational goals, and employee engagement, all while focusing on inclusion and equity for all your team.

Career Performance Intelligence is a scalable career development and performance management platform and process that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion principles, behaviors, and practices. The goal of this unique service is to help you create the talent systems and processes you need to hire, retain, promote, and benefit from a sustained diverse and engaged workforce.

Why Do I Need Career Performance Intelligence?

Companies spend a significant amount of time and money to attract and retain diverse talent, only to regularly learn that stalled career progression leads to continued high turnover within that diverse talent pool. This means the time and money spent on building your workforce will continue to be wasted, and the benefits a diverse workforce brings to the overall organization will not be realized.

Unless the barriers to equitable career development opportunities and inclusivity at all levels of your workforce are identified, they’ll continue to exist and top diverse talent will continue to leave your organization for better options elsewhere.

In addition, the way teams are built and evaluated, the hours, and when and where work gets done are evolving. These often complicate the performance management process.

Career Performance Intelligence is TI’s solution to these multifaceted issues. Our goal, with this one-of-a-kind service is to reshape how you approach talent development and retention, helping you create a fair, equitable, and inclusive career and performance development system that benefits all your employees.

How Does Career Performance Intelligence Work?

Effective utilization of resources in an organization requires a comprehensive talent management system, such as Career Performance Intelligence. Our system is designed to align the attraction, selection, motivation, and development of employees with organizational goals, and it is built based on your stated values and business roadmap. This ensures that goals are aligned at all stages of the talent management process.

Creating a culture of engagement and belonging is essential for inclusion. To fully recognize the benefits of diversity, organizations should ensure that everyone can have a voice, without sacrificing their identity. All employees should feel welcomed, respected, and valued for who they are, including their uniqueness.

Retaining diverse talent is crucial, particularly as diverse employees are often overlooked in terms of career development. Our program focuses on this by guiding managers through these important discussions in an inclusive way, while also establishing transparent accountability for performance development and structured goal setting aligned to manager, business unit, and company goals.

Focus on the Employee Experience

Career Performance Intelligence empowers employees by putting the development experience and ownership in their hands. The process allows them to share their perspective on performance development in a safe environment and identify areas they want to develop and how.

This creates a framework for aligning employees’ career and personal goals with organizational goals. As this is a complex task, most managers are not trained to hold these conversations. Without Career Performance Intelligence, opportunities to bring these perspectives together are often missed.

These development conversations are vital for inclusion as they bring managers, employees and the organization together. Facilitating these discussions can drive employee satisfaction and performance, making it one of the most important steps a manager can take to improve the employee experience.

The Benefits of Career Performance Intelligence

You know the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce. You know the solution to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce is rarely simple. You likely even know that some of your internal processes might be doing more harm than good.

When you put Career Performance Intelligence to work for you, you begin to make performance development more inclusive, fair, and equitable for all your employees. It works by doing the following:

  • Acknowledging and including the employee’s voice and experience
  • Aligning employee’s personal and professional goals with your company’s vision and roadmap for success
  • Providing educational and developmental opportunities for everyone
  • Ensuring managers are conducting development discussions in an inclusionary way
  • Moving away from traditional ratings of employees by managers with a focus on developing individual performance

Are you ready to see what Career Performance Intelligence can do for your team? Request a consultation with TI today.

Career Performance Intelligence FAQs

Our Career Performance Intelligence is a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. We offer extensive onboarding, ongoing training, technical support, and implementation support.