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Working to make a name for yourself in the consumer brands world takes tremendous time and effort – you know this. You built your product and your consumer base up and earned product loyalty.

You work to meet your customers’ expectations, strive to often exceed those expectations, and NEVER disappoint your customers.

We can do the same thing for your team. To maintain your values and standards, you require a solid workforce. That’s where Talent Intelligence comes in.

As you continue to grow your company, we help you put together a robust team to match.

Here’s how:

The Best Recruitment Perks for Consumer Brands Services

As a consumer brand, you have to know your customers inside and out. Likewise, Talent Intelligence understands and has a depth of experience in all the intricacies of recruitment.

Our consumer brand recruitment process includes:

  • Market Insights — From the micro to the macro, we’ve got our eyes on what’s going on in your industry. We also take a look at how talent perceives your brand when they look for new employment opportunities
  • Socialized Talent Pool — We’ll stock your talent pool with candidates who match your company’s needs. Then, we identify your top candidates. Whether you’re looking for seasoned professionals, fresh and eager talent, or in between, we’ll keep those who meet your criteria accessible to you throughout our collaboration. Why share the good stuff? None of your competitors will be offered the same talent as you are.
  • Talent Pipelining — Just like your company has to be ready for changes in customer preferences and demand, we also ensure you’re prepared for job vacancies as they arrive by keeping selected talent engaged and ready to work for you when the need arises.

Our method of intensive market research, exclusivity, and proactive engagement brings you quality hires, increased offer acceptance rates, and a decreased time to hire, which is especially beneficial for hard-to-fill roles.

People Analytics

Your Trusted Consumer Brands Agency

Over here at Talent Intelligence, we focus on a few values:

  1. We guarantee you a fixed-fee-based model — We don’t charge you extra fees for hiring from the same talent we procured, even if you hire that person a whole year later. Most other recruitment agencies have this habit. Talent Intelligence believes that doing the work once shouldn’t lead to getting paid twice.
  2. We focus on integrity — With our Talent Dashboards, you have all the information you could want about your candidates at your fingertips 24/7/365 — and that’s exactly where it’ll stay. Data is important to us. Your potential employees’ data always remains for your eyes only.
  3. We help you grow — How does a recruitment agency add value to your consumer brand? Defined as Employer Brand Intelligence, it’s when we interview people from within your talent pool and industry to learn how they view your company. What do they like or dislike about you? Now more than ever, people are watching how businesses treat their employees. Exceed your candidates’ expectations and watch your talent pipeline thrive.

An Optimized Consumer Brand Strategy

All strategies are, in part, based on data and intelligence. Your consumer product has to reflect your audience as much as it does you.

New data shows that employees are looking for career development, flexibility, inclusion and diversity, and support.

The reality is, organizational charts look different today, as do the people filling them up.

It’s why we make sure to:

Enhance Inclusion and Diversity –> We zone in on diversity in our recruitment services because intelligence is found everywhere. A diverse and inclusive team boosts morale and increases performance.

With our in-depth analysis, you gain information through focus groups, interviews, and surveys. Now, all we have to do is talk about your diversity goals, see where you’re falling short, and implement strategic planning and designed programs to optimize your diverse hiring.

Conduct a Job Description Bias Review –> While your products may not be intended for all ages and demographics, your team needs no such limits. We’ll ensure there’s no bias language in your job description with the help of algorithms Talent Intelligence developed.

Do A Role Profile Analysis –> We use our Industrial Organizational Psychologists to avoid bad hires, which can cost as much as $240,000 according to one report. If there’s one thing we’ve learned how to do over the years, it’s perfect the alignment of your brand with your candidate profile and position description. This reduces time-to-hire, even as we offer you pre-screening, algorithm-based insights before you move candidates to the interview stage.

Elevate Your Team to Strengthen Your Consumer Branding

A successful company pays attention to employee engagement and retention rates. Kind of like how they constantly work to improve customer engagement and increase consumer loyalty.

Basically, putting together the right team is intertwined with building a thriving brand that will last for the long-term.

High-performing talent isn’t easy to come by, though.

Instead of exerting all your effort towards finding the right employees when you should be concentrating on your brand and product, you can leave the talent procurement to us.

Talent Intelligence is ready when you are to search out the best people and help you build lasting, meaningful relationships in your consumer brand company.

Contact us today and let’s talk recruitment.

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