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The only risk-free investment in your insurance company is that of hiring a top-notch team of professionals. When you need forward-thinking talent for this highly competitive age, Talent Intelligence can help.

We’ve worked with insurers like you to boost innovation and earn a higher market share amidst challenges like demographic shifts, low interest rates, and increased consolidations.

Talent Intelligence is on a mission to enhance your insurance firm with success-driven talent.

Here’s How We Secure Winning Hires:

Prioritize Market Insights -> If you’re not aware of what your ideal talent is looking for, you won’t find them, or they won’t choose you. Talent Intelligence stays in the know on the insurance industry hiring pool so you don’t have to.

Take A Data-Driven Path -> You understand the importance of data. With our real-time candidate data accessible via an easy-to-use Talent Dashboard, you’ll have a major advantage over your competitors.

Diversify Your Team -> Your insurance company will benefit immensely from a diversified team. Everyone deserves good insurance. Your company should likewise reflect the variety of people you serve.

Insurance Industry Recruitment Services - Talent Intelligence

Superior Insurance Industry Consulting for Your Company

Talent Intelligence has streamlined the hiring process for insurance companies like yours.

With confidence, we promise you:

Cost-effective policies when working with us – Talent Intelligence is all about integrity. In particular, we’ve sidestepped the common practice recruitment firms have of charging our clients a second success fee when they hire from a provided candidate pool. Instead, we give you the freedom to hire from your candidate pool at no extra cost even if it’s a year later.

An exclusive candidate pool – Your candidate pool remains exclusive to you at all times. We pride ourselves on offering this service to clients and they appreciate the unshared access to top-tier talent at their fingertips.

No-nonsense diversity and inclusion policies – It’s one thing to preach diversity and another to truly implement it in your firm. Our proven diversity hiring strategies are made to improve your team’s potential and reflect authentic modernity.

Insurance Industry Recruitment Consultants for These Areas

There are many career paths in the insurance industry. The earning potential is great, and the reward of adding social value to the world makes insurance a rewarding choice for anyone.

Talent Intelligence can help you fill open positions for:

  • Actuaries
  • Underwriters
  • Risk managers
  • Risk surveyors
  • Loan processors
  • Claims adjusters
  • Claims examiners
  • Insurance brokers
  • Insurance appraisers
  • Insurance technicians
  • Catastrophe modelers
  • Insurance sales agents
  • Insurance claims clerks
  • Insurance investigators
  • Loss control consultants
  • Insurance Loss Adjusters
  • Insurance field inspectors

We Lead in Insurance Executive Search Firms

Talent Intelligence has earned the respect and admiration of the global community. And we know just how to elevate you in the eyes of your stakeholders as well.

Technology is moving fast, and we can help you keep up.

We use new technological advancements in the recruitment arena to help you find, train, and retain top talent.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are other areas we’re passionate about as we find the best fit in talent for your insurance company.

In addition, we cover the essentials:

We’ll prepare the most sound and foolproof job descriptions and role profiles so your ideal candidates opt into the roles you’re offering.

We further conduct a job description bias review with the help of refined algorithms — because it’s time to leave old stereotypes by the wayside.

And lastly, you’ll benefit from our role profile analysis service, whereby our industrial-organization psychologists heighten the precision of defined roles, duties, expectations, and responsibilities for your desired position.

With the foundation of a solid role profile analysis, you get a clear idea of the characteristics of potential candidates that will best suit you and help you achieve your firm’s objectives.

The Insurance Recruitment Consultants You Need

A strong insurance team calls for intelligent recruitment services.

Talent Intelligence offers consistently reliable hiring strategies for every level within your organization.

We guarantee integrity and discretion, leveraging the intelligence we found on your behalf for your firm only.

Ever considered increasing your insurance firm’s value?

Talent Intelligence has devised a method of boosting your Employer Brand so you attract only best-in-class talent. With such data in tow, we can advise you on ways to increase your retention rates and boost your appeal with ideal candidates in the future.

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Tap into the experience and professionalism of the Talent Intelligence team and let’s collaborate to build an amazing team together.

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