Hire The Best with a Collaborative Technology Strategy

The hiring landscape for tech and digital roles is not easy to navigate. While many forward-thinking people have done the work to learn about software, data, AI, and other developments in computing, it remains a difficult task to find highly qualified and skilled employees.

Here at Talent Intelligence, we use our own internet of things as well as a wider global network — virtual and human — to help you attract, find, and retain top-tier talent for your organization.

Here’s how:

Stay Updated with Industry Trends -> We stay on top of all that’s going on in your industry so you can stay informed of candidates’ expectations.

Develop Strong Relationships -> We start each engagement from scratch, and never shop the same candidates to anyone but you.

Lockdown Top Talent -> Ensure you secure quality talent by using our role profile analysis and job description expertise.

Digital & Technology Recruitment Services - Talent Intelligence

Digital And Technology Recruitment for Key Areas

Whether you need high-volume workers, project managers, juniors, seniors, or executives for your digital or technology company, Talent Intelligence has you covered.

The complexity in the technology industry is unignorable. You need leading professionals with highly specialized technical and communication skills to reach your organizational goals.

Here are a few of the roles we can help you fill:

  • ERP
  • UX and UI
  • IT Security
  • Testing & QA
  • Digital Media
  • Data scientists
  • Product Managers
  • Technology Hiring
  • DevOps & SecOps
  • Software engineers
  • IT & Technical Sales
  • Infrastructure Support
  • BI, Data, and Analytics
  • Digital Or Visual design
  • Advanced technologies
  • Networking Engineering
  • Mobile App Development
  • Product and Service Design
  • Product and Service Design
  • Data Services Management
  • Digital Project Management
  • Software & Web Development
  • Digital Specialists – SEO, PPC, and CRM
  • Frontend, Backend, Full-stack Engineers

The Recruitment Team for Your Technology Company

As you know, the most crucial element of technology is what happens behind the scenes. Similarly, candidates must possess a relevant background of experience along with a strong portfolio of skills to fulfill their duties.

Talent Intelligence works to deliver candidates with the most suitable background, dedication to their role, and a passion for what they do.

A few of the processes we use include:

Employer Branding Assistance –> There are many tech companies out there, which means quality candidates are searching for their best option just as vehemently as you are.

We help you improve your business brand so top candidates flock to you. Our experience in employer brand management will reinforce your understanding of how company perception makes as much difference as its culture.

Exclusivity In Your Candidate Pool –> Once you find candidates that align with your goals and values, you don’t need to worry about competitors picking them up.

We vow to make candidates exclusively available to you until you’re ready to make that hire. Furthermore, you’re the only one who enjoys access to industry data for all your potential candidates.

Real-Time Talent Dashboards –> That’s right, more exclusive access to critical data!

Our live talent dashboards keep you in the know on candidate profiles and other essential information.

How To Stand Out as Technology Consultants

Nothing makes as big of an impact as people — even in the digital and technological world. Talent Intelligence knows this. It’s why we have established long-standing relationships with prominent people and organizations who can connect us to first-rate talent.

New coding languages are emerging. AI and machine learning are rapidly evolving. And data? Well, so much to do with data technology is simply mind-blowing.

Talent Intelligence helps you build teams who know it all, and who can help blow your competitors out of the water.

Here’s why you should choose us:

We Prioritize Diversity and Inclusion

When it comes to technology, the potential is endless with a computer and the internet. The amazing minds we’ve found in our global network speak for themselves.

In order to truly be innovative in your technology-focused organization, diversity and inclusion must play a large role in your hiring strategy.

The team at Talent Intelligence includes diversity professionals, psychologists, and consultants, and we offer programs to optimize your candidate pool through inclusion and diversity.

We Won’t Bypass Your Financial Firewall

Talent Intelligence is well aware that some recruitment agencies often charge twice, or surprise clients with hidden fees. We stay away from such practices.

If you hire us, it can be a year from now — we won’t charge you twice when you pull a new employee from the candidate pool we provided to you. We’re not doing double the work, so you’re not paying twice.

Plus, you can rest assured you won’t find unrequested additional tasks on your invoice. No one likes seeing hidden fees pop up out of nowhere!

We Increase Your Company Value

Our Employer Brand Intelligence system is for your benefit. We pull information from your extended candidate pool and use it to elevate your employer brand. This equates to better candidates seeking you out.

It works in a process of surveying your initial pool and asking them how they perceive your company. What were they attracted to versus what dissuaded them?

This practice is important because your market actively observes how you treat employees, how healthy your organizational culture is, and similar matters. Of course, so do your candidates.

Boost Your Hiring Demand, Boost Your Company’s Growth

Talent Intelligence wants to keep your talent pipeline flowing.

It’s not just annoying when the internet goes off, it’s also a major headache when you’re scouting to fill a role when a quality employee leaves.

Let us take over. We’re eager to use our data-driven hiring technology to help your digital or technology company grow.

Reach out to us to help build your dream team today.

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