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Great talent is a necessary ingredient for success in any company. However, in the rapidly growing food and agribusiness industry, finding the right people isn’t always easy. Our team here at Talent Intelligence, seasoned with over 20 years of experience, is well-prepared to take the hard work of finding top-quality talent off your hands.

Save Time with Current Data -> We keep you up-to-date on what’s going on with your unique pool of candidates. On the other side of the table, potential hires remain engaged with your business, so there’ll be no unexpected surprises when you two start to work together.

Improve Your Employer Brand -> How do you set your plate? In order to attract the right talent, you need to first be an attractive company. Our techniques will have top tier talent coming to you.

Diversify The Right Way -> The food industry already has a wide range of people from various backgrounds. Why not match this diversity in your own organization? We’ll guide you along.

Talent Intelligence is about using modern software, proven strategies, and our data-driven expertise to bring you the best talent for your food and agribusiness organization.

Whether you want to fill positions for farm workers, receptionists, middle managers, or occupy executive roles, we’ll handle your hiring needs in a collaborative way. All you have to do is order to go!

Here’s How the Agribusiness Recruiting Process Works

People are complicated, but procuring a talent pool doesn’t have to be. Our process here at Talent Intelligence has gone through the pressure cooker.

What it looks like:

  1. The right research to make the right decisions — Whether or not you’re watching your competitors, they’re watching you. We keep you in the know about competitor intelligence, industry trends, and market changes.
  2. Talent dashboards and optimized talent pipelines — Your customizable talent dashboard gives you current information about promising candidates. Plus, we keep your talent pipeline full so you’ll never have to worry about rushing to fill openings.

Agribusiness Industries We Serve

There are many job varieties in the food and agribusiness industries. Here are a few Talent Intelligence can help you cater to:

  • Retail
  • Supply
  • Management
  • Agronomy
  • Horticulture
  • Executive Officer
  • Food Production
  • Food Processing
  • Grains Personnel
  • Distilling and wine
  • Nutrition and health
  • Operations Specialist
  • Agricultural marketer
  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Distribution and Aggregation
  • Preparation and Consumption
  • Resource and Waste Recovery

Diversity Shows You’re a Leader in the Food and Agribusiness World

Is your food or agribusiness company diverse enough to inspire those within and those looking on? How are your equity and inclusion practices and programs?

To enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion, Talent Intelligence will conduct an internal analysis and see what’s going on in your organization. We also do discreet external research to collect market intelligence.

We then fill in the air bubbles, strategically identifying any gaps in your diversity practices and taking steps towards narrowing them.

Our diversity strategy is a shared effort as we involve ERGs/ BRGs in the planning stage. Our experienced I/O psychologists are also on hand to contribute their expertise.

Once everything is brought together, we present actionable equity and inclusion-focused talent systems along with implementation workshops.

Agribusiness Intelligence and Data Solutions

Most food businesses are constantly working under a time crunch because eventually, food goes rotten and becomes inedible.

With Talent Intelligence’s insight, you benefit from the freshest talent available because we provide you with relevant data about your market.

You’ll get information like how candidates’ values align with your company’s values. After all, not all spices go well together!

This, along with other data points we collect, helps with risk management for your food and agribusiness company.

You further circumvent risk when you gain from our knowledge of the qualities of long-lasting professional relationships. We’ll find the best: skilled, experienced professionals who will want to stay with you for the long term.

Why Choose Us as Your Agribusiness Consultants

  1. We won’t share your secret recipe — Talent Intelligence prioritizes exclusivity. Whatever market data we collect will not be shared with our other clients. It’s not an advantage if everyone can have a taste!
  2. You’ll benefit from our unique fixed-fees-based model — We’re not here to add to your monthly employee expenses. Once we procure a talent pool for you, you can double dip without financial repercussions. We won’t charge twice, whether you select a candidate one month or one year later from the initial work.
  3. From the horse’s mouth to your Employer Branding — Our data is externally and internally sourced. Once we collect a pool of candidates, say 25, we interview all of them and, among other processes, ask them questions regarding how they see your company. By doing this before we narrow down the pool even further, you get a good deal of more feedback and can use this to boost your Employer Brand perception. Remember, candidates should want to work with you as much as you want to work with them!

The Best Agribusiness Consulting Firm for Your Company

You can have the best kitchen, but if it’s not equipped with a top chef, you won’t get many repeat customers.

Talent Intelligence can be your top chef in hiring.

We’ll find people who can bring in profits, save you turnover costs, and help to reduce your turnover rates for better organizational development.

Reach out to us today to learn how Talent Intelligence can light the fire under your talent pool.

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