We are a dedicated and trusted talent recruitment partner to the world’s most dynamic and ambitious organizations. Our proven recruitment solutions help you locate and retain the high-end, diverse talent needed to achieve your hiring goals and push your company forward.

We take a unique approach to every recruitment context, incorporating your strategy, needs, and ambitions to develop a targeted strategy designed to find the right talent for you. Our search methodologies combine optimized job ads and fresh – never recycled – candidate pools, all offered exclusively to you as part of our fixed-fee agreement.

We look ahead, appreciating the big picture – as well as the immediate needs. By learning everything we can about what makes your current team succeed, we can build custom screening profiles that directly address your organization’s strengths and needs. When it comes to succession and filling vacancies, we can help you be prepared to address them proactively and smoothly.

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Management and Executive Search

When unplanned vacancies arise our flat rate fee search methodology will deliver outstanding candidates quickly.

Talent Intelligence has over 20 years experience in recruitment with global and Fortune 500 organizations. All projects are original work with fresh outreach and connections. We do not recycle a database of candidates and all individuals presented are exclusive to the client and project. We combine precise pre-search planning and bespoke original sourcing with transparent data sharing and include insightful candidate, role and market analytics.

For roles with a salary from $125,000 to $350,000 the time and effort needed to deliver a hire does not rise as the salary increases, so why should the fee? The percentage of salary rationale reflects a time when names, titles and contact details had to be manually discovered and the information in the recruiter’s rolodex was invaluable. We charge a flat rate fee that reflects the time and resources deployed to source, engage, and complete the search, and saves the client money.

What our Management and Executive Search service gives you:

  • Our I/O psychologist designed role profile analysis to ensure alignment
  • Mapped talent market to identify passive and active candidates
  • Engagement with the best fit individuals to deliver a diverse slate
  • Candidates and market insights 24/7 through an interactive dashboard
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Talent Pipelining

Open vacancies cause disruption and inefficiencies. Fill positions almost immediately with higher-quality talent than typically achieved through traditional just-in-time sourcing.

Our proactive engagement with candidates means they develop a relationship with the employer before a role is open, which results in higher quality hires, greater diversity, higher offer acceptance rates, and a reduced time to hire (as low as zero days when a vacancy arises). This approach is ideal for hard-to-fill roles with regular demand or job families with common skillsets.

Examples of recent work:

  • European FMCG Gender Diverse Sales Talent Pipeline
  • US Healthcare Senior Management Pipelines
  • US Agriculture National Sales Team Pipeline
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Succession Planning

Augment your succession plans by identifying external high-potential candidates to be benchmarked against existing teams to meet current and future demands.

What Succession Intelligence gives you:

  • Smooth transitions of external talent that is already matched to your needs
  • Opportunities to identify and meet with external talent who could become ideal candidates for a critical senior level vacancy
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Enterprise Search & Direct Sourcing

This longer-term partnership delivers the highest quality candidates for a set number of open roles, while freeing the client from the traditional pricing link between salary and search fee.

This cost-effective solution is best for organizations looking for 20 or more C-suite to middle management searches per year across different functions, geographies and seniority levels.

Examples of recent work:

  • European Logistics Industry 12 months 28 hires $450,000 fee saving
  • US IT project 6 months 20 hires $250,000 fee saving
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High Volume Direct Hire Recruitment

Direct Hire Recruitment allows organizations to efficiently fill high-volume immediate and reoccurring vacancies with great talent, at speed and at ease.

What High Volume Direct Hire Recruitment gives you:

  • Protection from commercial loss caused by roles going unfilled
  • Access to new candidate pools while reducing time to hire from existing ones
  • Management of recruitment spend, advertising and strategy
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Recruitment FAQs

All candidates go through a rigorous process to ensure they are fully qualified and client-engaged before undertaking the socialization process with the client and being accepted as a pipelined candidate.

Each project is treated as original work – we do not recycle candidates presented to other clients. We take the time to go beyond the job description through our Position Description process to identify the criteria for a great fit and start a fresh search from there.

The Enterprise Search and Direct Sourcing solutions are best for clients who can commit to a minimum number of searches annually. We pass the economies of scale this creates back to the client through lower a cost to hire.

By proactively identifying and communicating with external candidates for their most senior positions, clients can eliminate the high cost to the business of executive vacancies caused by unexpected departures or planned moves.  An ongoing dialogue with the identified successors ensures availability when the time is right.

“Talent Intelligence is a true leader in their field. They back up their expertise with an impressive array of qualified, brilliant team members. The team at Talent Intelligence will continue to work with our company as we aim to maintain our aggressive growth trajectory. My sincere thank you to the Talent Intelligence Team!”

CEO, Healthcare Organization

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