Talent Intelligence understands that today’s hiring needs require sophisticated solutions. Our data-driven approach to recruitment means you can make informed decisions about the positions you create; the candidates you interview, and the talent you bring to your team.

Our analytics suite of services enables organizations to understand and prioritize their talent issues by leveraging the data we collect during our research and intelligence gathering. You want as much information as possible when acquiring talent, presented to you in a usable, understandable format. Our analytics team specializes in not only uncovering useful data, but also in reporting that information to you in a way that helps you compare and differentiate between candidates in a meaningful way.

Talent capabilities should be continuously evaluated and improved upon in order to sustain a healthy talent lifecycle. We help organizations do this by implementing customized systems and dashboards that empower employees, managers, and executives to make better talent decisions driven by data.

Read more below about how our services can empower you to understand your talent, identify and reduce your risks, and position your organization for growth.

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Competitive and Market Intelligence

Acting as a trusted partner with our clients, Talent Intelligence delivers actionable, talent market-relevant insights and tools for organizations to grow and achieve their potential.

We start by examining your talent market, diving deep into the trends shaping the future of your industry from the perspectives of both potential job candidates and customers or clients. This invaluable information allows you to develop strategic hiring and operational plans to set yourself above and apart.

What Market Intelligence gives you:

  • Qualitative and quantitative data to answer your specific talent related questions (e.g. what are the talent characteristics of competitors, what educational or industry experience does the regional talent pool have?
  • Detailed reports around business-critical industry trends and topics that impact your talent strategies (e.g. how are the educational requirements, certification, or position qualifications changing for a particular role as technologies develop)
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Talent Dashboards

Talent is a complicated business. Our customized approach to Talent Dashboards allows you to strategically analyze and prioritize your talent pools to meet your changing talent needs.

As one of our most important tools, our Talent Dashboards present a wide variety of information, including candidate profiles and competitive and/or market intelligence, and are always custom-built to your specific needs and situation.

What Our Talent Dashboard Service provides:

  • A customizable platform to visualize, organize and prioritize your talent pools based on your needs and specific criteria
  • Real time data visualization that makes information easy to monitor, understand and act on.
  • A foundation for project-based metrics to provide transparency, accountability and insights.
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Assessment Services

Assessments enable companies to better understand and develop their talent with a unique insight into the key attributes and characteristics which predict performance and ensure a great fit. Our Assessment services seamlessly integrate assessments into your recruitment process, efficiently improving your ability to understand and prioritize your candidates and improve the quality of your hires.

We have partnered with several industry-leading publishers to act as a neutral advisor, providing you with a unique, integrated, experience. Whether you are looking for high-volume screening assessments, executive selection, or manager development, we can seamlessly integrate an assessment into the process.

What our Assessment Services gives you:

  • An efficient mechanism to prioritize and evaluate your candidates or to develop high potential employees
  • Consultative guidance on the selection and use of assessments tools to make informed selection and development decisions
  • An advanced understanding of a candidate’s behavioral tendencies which may not surface in the interview
  • Unbiased guidance and access to a large selection of valid and reliable measures of personality, leadership style, cognitive ability and development
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Career Performance Intelligence

We believe people should have more control over their professional development. That’s why we created a platform that boosts employees’ ability to overcome challenges and spot opportunities – for their own growth as well as for the business.

With this powerful service, we can help you leverage the power of diversity through a fair, equitable, and inclusive career development and performance management tool.

What Career Performance Intelligence gives you:

  • Alignment of individual career development goals with company goals
  • A transformation from ‘box ticking’ exercises to transparent, self-reflective, meaningful conversations between managers and employees
  • An evidence-based approach to performance management
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Talent Analytics

Great businesses are built on evidence and analysis. At Talent Intelligence, we help ambitious businesses achieve their potential by putting innovative talent analysis in their hands.

At all points in the process, we put your needs at the center of our analysis projects. Through custom research and data analysis, we can help align your hiring strategy with your business goals, make use of up-to-date market information, and measure the ROI of your organizational initiatives to make sure you’re on the road to success at all times.

What Talent Analytics gives you:

  • A data analysis service that is customized to your particular needs
  • Creation of customized tools, such as engagement surveys, diversity, equity, and inclusion surveys, culture surveys, exit surveys, and hiring analytics to understand and optimize your talent
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Talent Analytics FAQs

As with every other field, the hiring world has changed a lot as new technologies have made information easier to find and use. Also, analytics and the tools used to gather and look at data can vary a lot depending on the industry and situation. We suggest that you read our blog post on this subject to learn more about the different tools we use to help clients like you find the right people.

TI utilizes several data tools and analysis, including the creation of customized applications. Our main data visualization application is Microsoft Power BI, which we use to create tools like our Talent Dashboards that help make our analysis more understandable and actionable. Knowing that, we employ several key tools to understand the talent market and give you important and useable insight. Learn about all these tools in our blog here.

The more information you have at your fingertips when it comes to making hiring, staffing, or other talent decisions; the better suited you are to make an informed choice. Having the right information at the right time provides the foundation for transforming from a reactive-based recruitment model to proactive, evidence-based recruitment.

We know that our data-driven approach not only will help you hire the right talent, but it will also alleviate the costs associated with bad hires and better set you up to focus on your business, rather than always chasing your hiring needs. See how we can put our analytics team to use for you in this blog.

“Talent Intelligence is a true leader in their field. They back up their expertise with an impressive array of qualified, brilliant team members. The team at Talent Intelligence will continue to work with our company as we aim to maintain our aggressive growth trajectory. My sincere thank you to the Talent Intelligence Team!”

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