International Recruiting Firm

Talent Intelligence is a global talent acquisition and management consulting firm that works with top companies around the world to attract and retain key management and C-Suite executives.

Through our research and analytic tools, we offer comprehensive customized data and dashboards that provide the foundation our clients need to attract top tier, stand-out, high performing leaders.


International Recruiting Firm

Who We Serve

Talent Intelligence firm works with companies around the world looking for a more sophisticated solution to their hiring needs. Our data-driven approach puts you and your goals at the center of our engagement, helping you fill key positions with highly qualified and diverse talent.

We are known for our proactive and strategic approach to talent. Rather than waiting for a vacancy to arise, then spend time trying to fill it, we build proactive pipelines that result in the efficient and cost-effective placement of the right people – in the right positions. By providing clients with real-time information on market trends and issues, we help them better understand the world in which they operate while staying ahead of the competition.

Our dynamic, proven analytic tools have allowed us to build longstanding partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and organizations in almost every industry including supply chain, healthcare, consumer brands, financial services and more. We’ve helped our clients fill key leadership roles, build diverse and strategic succession plans, and even put into place mass recruitment strategies that target any current hiring or retention challenges.

Our client engagements are built on a cornerstone of both trust and transparency in the services we provide. We work on an agreed upon fixed fee, rather than traditional recruiting firms’ percentage of first year starting salary, and we’ll never shop your candidates to your competitors.

Our Process

Finding the right talent for your organization is crucial to your current and future successes. We start each new engagement by getting to know your company, assessing the strengths of your current team and your brand in the marketplace, and working with you to develop a strategic talent acquisition strategy moving forward. In essence, we help you develop talent acquisition best practices that focus on strategic research and analytics including Talent Dashboards that provide real- time access to your unique pool of candidate data. This helps us attract top-tier managers and executives that align with your company’s culture and growth goals. Each job opening is filled with talent we have specifically and purposefully added to your company’s Talent Dashboard.

Talent Intelligence’s custom Pipeline, Talent Dashboard, and Talent Risk Mitigation tools ensure that not only do we help you fill current openings with influential and highly competent talent, but we also prepare you for future vacancies, keeping your applicant pool warm and engaged, and decreasing the time it takes to fill each position. These interactive and dynamic tools allow you to better understand the health of your candidate pipelines so you can arrive at your short list of qualified candidates faster.


Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

With custom, human-driven research, you’ll get proactive information on the demands, desires, and demographics of the global workforce, helping you make informed talent decisions. This crucial insight comes from ongoing conversations with key talent in the industry, giving you a better understanding of the market and your competitors.

We provide industry-specific research on current market trends to help you get ahead and stay ahead of the hiring curve. Our qualitative and quantitative research provides a lens into the talent marketplace to help you understand your reputation in the marketplace so you can most effectively attract, retain, and develop high-potential talent. Services include:


Find and Retain the Best

You’ll quickly fill positions with high-quality, diverse hires thanks to our Talent Dashboards, which provide real-time access to your candidates’ data. We’ll engage with talent so they’re ready to work for you before an opening occurs, and can make a positive impact on your company right away.

Your most valuable asset is the people who work for you. We’re here to help you identify and engage with the top talent in your field around the globe. Services include:


Achieve Meaningful Talent Goals

You’ll receive comprehensive biographies, work histories, and personal insights for each candidate in your Talent Pipeline, helping you optimize your team and set your organization up for success. We also assist with executive reference checking, interview and reference guides, and the use of various candidate assessment tools.

You’re at your strongest when your team mirrors our diverse society and uses that unique set of expertise to your advantage. Attracting and maintaining diverse talent isn’t new to us. Services include:


Make Better, Data-Driven Talent Decisions

Build your business and your team based on real-time, relevant data. We’ll fill your Talent Pipeline with candidates whose career goals align with your company vision and philosophy, and we’ll help you implement customized systems and dashboards to help you construct the team you need to shape your future talent strategies.

Having a deep understanding of your talent pool is the best way to make informed decisions that minimize risk while maximizing potential successes. Services include:

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