Manufacturing Industry Recruiting Services to Bring You Results

How do you find competent and eager talent for your manufacturing company?

Faced with nonstop disruption in the manufacturing industry, it’s as difficult as it is crucial for you to have top-of-the-line employees in order to succeed. Talent Intelligence can help to fulfill your staffing demand with strategic talent sourcing solutions and a data-focused hiring process.

Quality and efficiency are the name of the game. And we’ll help you find the right players to help you win.

Talent Intelligence can secure professionals who possess skills in areas like Six-Sigma, LEAN, Continuous Improvement, Plant Management, and more.

We’ll also help you:

Keep Track Of Industry Trends And Disruptions –> Manufacturing companies continuously divest assets, units, and divisions. Some want to right size their portfolio. We’ll collaborate with you to determine what this means for your talent capital.

Develop Long-Term Relationships for Succession Planning –> Build rapport with prospective candidates so that your talent pipeline is never blocked. As you know, a halt in production means financial losses! Plus, stay in touch with us to meet your ongoing and future talent needs.

Improve Your Employer Branding –> There is complex but brutal competition for quality talent in the manufacturing industry. We’ll help you analyze your current reputation and then assist to position your manufacturing business as the best to work at for top-tier talent.

It takes experienced, knowledgeable employees to manage risks, navigate the global supply chains, and align with changing operations within the manufacturing industry.

How do you juggle everything going on and find time to hire great people?

Whether you’ve been consistent with growth — financially and within your team — over the past couple of years, or are just getting back on your feet, Talent Intelligence is here to help build a solid team for lasting success.

Your Manufacturing Industry Consultants

Talent Intelligence has conducted recruitment consultations for the past 20 years.

If you’re on the fence but know you need help, dive deeper into our processes:

Gain From Our Cost-Effective Policies – Here’s a secret: Most other recruitment companies charge you a second success fee when you hire candidates from the initial pool they gave you. With Talent Intelligence, if you hire from the candidate pool we created for you, we didn’t do extra work, so you won’t suffer an extra cost.

Have An Exclusive Candidate Pool – In addition to keeping money in your pocket, you also retain your uniquely procured talents. Your talent pool is just that — yours alone to dip into. You paid for exclusive access to top-quality talent and that’s what we honor. No other company gets access.

Lead In Diversity and Inclusion Practices – For some, it’s tough to commit to the new landscape of diversity and inclusion, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll explore your inclusion goals and discuss diversity with you to build a supportive workplace culture.

Manufacturing Industry Consulting and Recruitment

We’ll handle your consulting and recruitment needs.

Our multi-dimensional approach uses data insights, modern software, and intensive research. We hone in on your goals to match the right hire to your company.

Here’s the breakdown:

A data-driven approach –> Making decisions about your company’s talent should not be guesswork. We’ll provide you with Market Intelligence, Talent Analytics, and Talent Dashboards to maximize long-term employment outcomes and increase value alignment within your team.

Talent Dashboards –> Gain real-time access to candidates’ profiles and so much more. After we source your candidates, they’ll begin to engage with your company so that the transition to employment is a breeze.

Human-driven research –> When you know how potential candidates perceive your company, you can boost your reputation and position yourself to better attract top-performing talent.

Industry research –> The collection of competitive intelligence is merely one technique we employ to help you anticipate trends and prevent hiring disasters. We will further assist you with optimized organizational charts, and conduct a role profile analysis.

Here are a few of the manufacturing industry sectors we serve:

  • Machinery and capital equipment manufacturing
  • Automation and control systems manufacturing
  • Electrical and mechanical manufacturing
  • Paper and packaging manufacturing
  • Mobile equipment manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing

Great Manufacturing Executive Search Firms Are Rare

Proper leadership in the manufacturing industry is simply non-negotiable. It’s why we believe not just any recruitment firm is able to do the job.

Employees in executive roles must steer your company culture and captain your manufacturing firm’s ship for efficiency in production.

Most manufacturing firms work on a large scale. This means big mistakes result in big problems! The world is rife with political and import instability, unpredictable tariff quota changes, and ongoing trade disputes.

Curb your risk with our executive search services. Much of the industry’s top talent is not found in a typical search. And that’s where Talent Intelligence comes in.

With our polished data-driven recruitment services, you’ll benefit from true intelligent data thanks to our experienced team.

Building Your Manufacturing Team from the Ground Up

Of course, it takes more than a fantastic management team to run your manufacturing needs. In addition to helping your source leadership talent, we also specialize in high-volume recruitment.

Our streamlined, direct hire process can help you not only fill vacancies efficiently and effectively, but we can also do so at up to a 33% reduction in cost to hire based on other hiring agencies.

Ready To Work with Skilled Manufacturing Recruitment Consultants?

Your manufacturing company likely uses machines. However, we all know it’s the people who innovate, roll out, and garner success through processes, projects, and tasks.

We can help ensure you don’t sacrifice quality in your talent.

If you’re searching for a solution to your talent needs, contact Talent Intelligence using the contact form below.

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