The data-driven approach to talent acquisition provided by Talent Intelligence all starts with our renowned and experienced research services.

These services are backed by years of case studies and scrutinous testing by our expert team. The result is proven methods that help you gain valuable insights, data, and knowledge to make the improvements you need to grow your business.

We constantly undertake proactive, ongoing research for our clients across a wide variety of industries. Doing so allows us to regularly compile information and hold insightful dialogues with client stakeholders looking to develop initiatives that will keep them at the forefront if their industries. This approach produces high quality research that exceeds industry standards.

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Competitive and Market Intelligence

The demands, desires and makeup of the global workplace are changing. Use our Competitive and Market Intelligence service to access the exclusive information and insight you need to shape your future.

What Competitive and Market Intelligence gives you:

  • Talent trend reports covering diversity, qualifications, compensation, benefits and more
  • Enhanced market perception and attraction of top talent based on a better understanding of the competition
  • Improved organizational structures and strategies with customized intelligence reports
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Employer Brand

In a crowded talent market, organizations need to know how to stand out. Talent Intelligence’s Employer Brand service does just that, providing organizations with a frank analysis of how they compare to key competitors and how they can get the right attention from the best talent.

What Employer Brand gives you:

  • An accurate perception of how you are viewed as an employer in the market
  • Knowledge to curate messaging that reflects the strength of your brand
  • Tools that empower you to build a brand that retains key people and reduces talent risk
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Role Profile Analysis

Role Profile Analysis is the methodology Talent Intelligence employs to identify the key characteristics and behaviors that will enable a candidate to thrive in a role. This forms the foundation for best-in-class talent management.

What Role Profile Analysis gives you:

  • Capability to fill existing and future roles with people who are aligned to your strategic vision
  • Frameworks for you to measure how your talent performs when it comes to critical industry knowledge, skills and abilities
  • A transparent way for your people to know what is expected of them in their roles
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Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is a key part of many of our talent acquisition solutions. Finding the right talent is key to building a successful team and organization. This starts with taking a deep dive into the roles you’re hiring for, defining the skills and characteristics needed to succeed in that role, and then identifying individuals who align with those findings.

What Talent Mapping gives you:

  • A pool of talent all reviewed to ensure they have the qualifications needed for the position
  • The beginning of a talent pipeline that we can continue to engage with in order to keep candidates interested in current or future roles
  • The ability to contact any and all qualified candidates at no additional fee
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“Talent Intelligence is a true leader in their field. They back up their expertise with an impressive array of qualified, brilliant team members. The team at Talent Intelligence will continue to work with our company as we aim to maintain our aggressive growth trajectory. My sincere thank you to the Talent Intelligence Team!”

CEO, Healthcare Organization

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