The types and depth of data and information available today is unrivaled. The key to harnessing the power of that information and putting it to use for you and your company’s talent needs is a strong and targeted analytical approach. That’s where Talent Intelligence comes in.

Our team of experienced analytical talent advisors will help you uncover and identify the data you need in order to make the right hiring decisions for your immediate needs and for your future goals. This data-driven, but human powered approach to analytics is what sets us apart from other hiring firms. We’ll work with you, every step along the way, to make sure the information you’re receiving is useful, understandable, and addresses your talent needs.

Making Data-Driven Talent Decisions​: How We Help

Unstructured hiring can feel like a lot of guesswork. We want to help you remove as much of that unknown as possible by providing you with the right data and insights. Our analytics suite of tools helps you identify, recruit, evaluate, develop, and retain, the right people at the right time with customized data visualizations, insights and predictive analytics​.

Below are just a few of the ways we make sure the data we’re providing is helpful to you:

  • We align your talent strategy with your business strategy by uncovering what leads to success. ​To get where you want to go, you need the right people. We can make sure your hiring processes are in step with your organizational goals, ensuring that the people you hire are the right people for your company ambitions and values.
  • We analyze your workforce – often referred to as People Analytics to uncover the key factors that lead to success. Utilizing the latest advanced statistical and analytical tools, we help you understand the unique ways individual characteristics such as skills, competencies, and behaviors contribute to success in specific roles in your organization.
  • We incorporate real-time talent market data relevant to your organization. ​Curious what job candidates are looking for in an ideal career? Worried your job title will not attract the best candidates? Concerned that other organizations around you might be offering a more appealing benefits package or flexible work schedule? We’ll take everything we learn from our conversations in the talent market and make it available to you via a custom Talent Dashboard, so you can act on new information as soon as you receive it.
  • We conduct organizational analysis and heat maps to target your initiatives​. You’ve worked hard establishing your goals and roadmaps. As part of our People Analytics offering, we’ll help you take a close look at your team, identify the existing characteristics that will get you closer to those goals, and build a hiring strategy that addresses the areas that require the most attention.
  • We follow through by measuring the impact of your initiative to understand what works​. All the data in the world does nothing if you don’t revisit your strategies, assess how they’ve helped so far, and recalibrate to make sure you’re still progressing and making an impact in the way you’d like. By utilizing our expertise, you can ensure that all your hard work in establishing goals and roadmaps translates into tangible results

Six Key Beliefs of our Talent Analytics Team

  1. Every organization is unique and therefore, so should their approach to data analytics​. We would never assume your situation is like anyone else’s. That is why every client relationship we build starts from scratch and is custom built to consider your specific needs, situation, and environment.
  2. Transparency in all our data analysis – we share what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why. Your data is just that – your data. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, so you understand not just the results, but how we arrived at them.
  3. Analytics is a transformative journey, and we form deep consultative partnerships along the way​. Taking a deep look at your operations and strategy isn’t an easy process. We’re your trusted partners throughout our engagement, and we’re here to help you learn from the information we present and put it to good use building a progressive talent strategy.
  4. Data is never perfect, therefore predictive analysis should always be augmented with human insight.​ Our process is data-driven, but human-powered. That means that, with all the tools at our disposal, we still know that putting any data to use requires the personal touch of a consultant and partner that understands your company and your needs.
  5. We take a comprehensive approach to data collection and analysis, often utilizing multiple data collection methods​. Sample size and the reliability of information are crucial when it comes to any analytical project. To account for that, we pull in data from as many sources as we can and always track where that data is coming from to make sure the sources are vetted.
  6. What gets measured gets improved. Iterative improvements and ongoing monitoring are key to success​. Putting a new strategy, informed by research and analysis, in place is just the beginning. We’ll regularly reexamine the changes we’ve helped you make to fine tune them and ensure they’re always working as best as they can for you.

Predictive Talent Analytics

Anyone who’s spent time on a hiring team knows that many factors go into narrowing down and choosing candidates. Understanding the most effective recruitment approaches that lead you to the best candidates for different roles allows you to recruit efficiently and equitably. By focusing on the best approaches and candidates early in the process, you can fill roles with better candidates faster. To provide you with the most accurate and applicable data, we gather as much candidate data as possible when working on any analytical project. This data could include:

Individual Data Points

  • Personality​
  • Engagement​
  • Knowledge or Skill Assessments Ratings​
  • Behavioral Interview Ratings/scores ​
  • Personal Characteristics​/Demographics
  • Years of Experience​
  • Education​

Contextual Data Points

  • Current Role​
  • Organizational Units​
  • Geographic Location​
  • Remote/onsite​
  • Business Units​
  • Manager​
  • Culture/Climate​

Outcomes Data Points

  • Job Performance Ratings​
  • Competency Ratings​
  • Retention/Turnover​
  • Training ​
  • Promotion Rate​
  • Revenue/Sales​

The result of all this data collection? We present your data in a Talent Dashboard that transforms the data into a toolset, that leads you to a better understanding of what success looks like to help you make more informed hiring decisions, forecasting, and planning that go beyond any biases, intuition and guesswork.

Why Choose Talent Intelligence for Your Talent Analytics Needs?

We truly believe that our analytics team is unrivaled in the talent acquisition industry. We know we can help you gain a better understanding of your market, where you sit within it, and how you can hire the right candidates to move you forward.

Four key differentiators to working with TI are:

  • We offer AI-powered research and analysis leveraged in conjunction with human insight and competitive intelligence​. This means when you ask us to produce analysis on a subject, you’ll receive a complete picture of the results we’ve found, using advanced research methods and technologies backed with our experienced team’s recommendations on how to interpret and implement those findings.
  • We value seeing the long-lasting impact our work has on our clients. Therefore, we are driven to build long lasting relationships in collaboration with our clients by always exceeding expectations and looking for ways to help you.
  • We offer a robust suite of Talent and People Analytics, meaning we can partner with you from recruitment through retention and employee development and succession. Using one trusted partner in TI for all of your talent strategy ensures the whole picture stays in view, with you and your needs at the center.
  • A completely flexible, customized research approach and transparent methodology​. Every project we do is built from the ground-up, fully customized based on your company, your needs, your industry, and your market.

Talent Analytics FAQs

Analytics is one of the most important parts of what we do and integrated throughout our services. Our consulting services can be used at any stage in a variety of capacities (support/consultative) within your project. From data discovery or data collection; to analysis and interpretation, our capabilities span the analytic lifecycle. Through a variety of metrics, advanced statistical analysis, algorithms, predictive analytics and dashboards we bring useful data to improve your talent processes. We can help you create a Recruitment KPI Dashboard to monitor processes and catch inefficiencies early on. Or use machine learning to improve the quality of your hires based on your top talent. We could also help you target your recruitment efforts (channels and methods) to the best talent in the right way (right messaging) using predictive analytics.

We can help you figure out what you should hire for, who you should hire, and why, as well as tell you where the best talent is and how to judge it. We empower you with custom analytics, and our online dashboards enable you to make better, more efficient decisions about talent. Our analysts utilize the most current and advanced statistical and analytical tools for predictive analytics and data visualization.

Alongside our analytics dashboards to visually represent your data, we offer consultation into the meaning of the data and potential implementations on how to properly use the information to reach a desired outcome. Access and provisioning can be customized to fit your situation and stakeholders.
You will be granted access to a client portal, which will house your dashboards and other project documentation.