6-16-16_acp.pngA strong workplace culture can positively impact your bottom line: Companies with satisfied employees outperform competitors by 20 percent, according to commercial real estate agency TheSquareFoot (via Entrepreneur).

Employee relations can also influence workplace culture. Staff members with strong coworker relationships feel 50 percent more satisfied with their job than employees who don’t bond with colleagues.

Struggling to attract employees? Consider baking some cookies.  TheSquareFoot says certain perks — such as free food — can help companies recruit new employees. Two-thirds of employees who can nosh on gratis grub say they’re happy with their job. By comparison, 74 percent want better benefits.

For more on how workplace culture (and a complimentary lunch) can affect employee outlook and performance, check out TheSquareFoot’s “Is Workplace Culture Overrated?” infographic.