Moving to a different company isn’t uncommon once members of the generation have entered the workforce

helena-lopes-592971-unsplash-1More than a third of millennial employees are changing jobs frequently — and three-quarters believe it has helped advance their career, according to a new survey.

Forty percent of millennials have had four or more jobs since graduating high school or college. The research indicates millennial employees’ strategy has been successful; only 10 percent of the survey respondents said they felt they were underemployed.

The research also indicates millennials aren’t necessarily changing jobs frequently to immediately obtain a higher role. More than half said they understood the importance of paying their dues and waiting their turn for a promotion; 42 percent feel they still have a lot to learn and value the opportunities their job is providing.

Millennials who have reached the management level tend to prefer a hands-on, communicative approach to being a supervisor. Forty-seven percent of millennial managers prefer to train their employees individually to provide personalized career advancement guidance; 33 percent give feedback to team members on a daily basis.

The survey also found millennial managers strongly support using technology to improve efficiency in the workplace — and favor email over other tools.

For more about the findings from Akumina’s survey, view this information.