improvement-happiness-932682-edited.pngNearly 70 percent of employees around the globe agree employee happiness is an important workplace element, according to a new study.

Other at-work experiences — including recognition efforts, which 60 percent of employees said were important — were also viewed as significant. More than half of respondents felt having creativity in the workplace heavily contributed to employee happiness.

Some organizations have instituted a specific role to manage employee happiness — which could also be a successful strategy at companies that have not. Eighty-seven percent of survey respondents said they’d like a chief happiness officer who is dedicated full-time to employee well-being and enhancing the overall workplace experience.

More than half (60 percent) of employees want more engagement — a plus for employers, because it can influence employees’ desire to share knowledge, grow with the organization and commit long-term to working there.

For more on improving employee well-being and making people happier at work, check out the full study findings on real estate and investment management services firm JLL’s website.



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