Pay and advancement opportunities could be bigger threats

The majority of employees are not engaged at work — and nearly a third of the ones who are feel their employer could offer a better work experience, according to a new survey involving employees in North America, Australia and the U.K.

Seventy percent of employees do not consider themselves to be very engaged; 16 percent describe themselves as fully disengaged employees.

Thirty-one percent of workers who say they’re generally engaged feel their employer could still do more to improve employee experience. Only about 20 percent describe themselves as being very engaged.

Although companies may be concerned, with so many employees not engaged at work, retention issues could occur as a result, only 14 percent of employees mentioned disengagement when asked what central reason would cause them to change jobs.

Workers’ top reasons for leaving a job include receiving a pay raise — a motivating factor for 54 percent of respondents; career advancement, which mattered to more than 37 percent of employees, and better corporate benefits, which just over 20 percent say would be an influence.

For more on workers’ views, and suggestions about how to re-engage disengaged employees, view this information about the survey, conducted by Achievers.