New findings indicate pay disparity, a lack of diversity are issues in the human resources industry

Despite the role the human resources department typically plays in furthering diversity and inclusion efforts, inequalities surprisingly exist within the HR profession, according to a new report.

The research revealed that while HR positions are primarily held by women — 71 percent of HR practitioners are female — pay equality is an issue.

While male HR professionals earn $103,644 on average, female HR practitioners are paid 13 percent less, $91,981. That breaks down to women earning $0.89 for every dollar men in HR positions earn.

The HR profession also appears to be facing other diversity and inclusion-related challenges. The majority — 65 percent — of HR professionals said they identify as white; 12 percent identify as Asian, 10 percent identify as Hispanic and 8 percent indicated they identify as black.

Research for the report, conducted by employee management platform provider Namely, also revealed larger HR teams tend to have more significant retention issues. While teams consisting of one to four employees have an average tenure of 3.24 years, HR teams with 40-plus HR professionals average just over a year with their organization.

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