1-18-15_blog_2.jpgWomen’s paid maternity leave is generally double the amount of paternity leave given in the U.S., according to new research from the Society for Human Resource Management.

Women can take an average of 41 days of paid maternity leave, in addition to other forms of paid leave new parents may have access to, compared to the 22 days of leave men can take.

In instances involving adoption, the amount of paid time off averages 31 days.

For other types of paid leave, including vacation, sick and personal time off, SHRM found most employers base their PTO policy, ranging from eight to 22 days, on employee tenure.

Employees who have worked at an organization for two years receive 15 days off in PTO plans that combine vacation, sick and personal leave and an average of 11 days off in a PTO policy that provides paid vacation time and sick days.

In non-tenure based plans, full-time employees are given an average of 18 days of paid time off for vacation, sick and personal leave — or roughly 16 vacation days, 11 sick days and four personal days a year, according to SHRM.

For more on the organization’s findings, review its press release announcing its research on paid maternity leave and other paid time off practices.