cyber-security.pngJust 12 percent of employees and members of the general public possess enough knowledge to avoid preventable privacy or security incidents, according to new research from MediaPro.

While 72 percent were ranked as novices — having some understanding of privacy and security issues, which could be supplemented — 16 percent were listed as a security risk to their organization.

Incident reporting was the biggest risk area, with 26 percent of respondents showing potentially troublesome behavior, followed by remote work concerns (20 percent) and issues related to access control and identifying personal information (19 percent each).

Best practice advice the learning services company recommends includes shredding documents that contain password hints or information, which 39 percent of respondents did not do; only opening emails from trusted sources, which proved problematic for a quarter of respondents, and banning employees from storing information on personal flash drives. Twenty-six percent of workers did not view portable information storage methods as a security risk.

For more on MediaPro’s privacy and security issue findings, view additional information from its report.



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