stock-photo-young-multi-ethnic-business--1201047-219660-edited.pngProfessional development opportunities, a positive atmosphere and strong service capabilities, according to newly released survey results, are some of the traits women say they value most in an employer.

The survey, conducted as part of the annual Great Place to Work and Fortune Best Workplaces for Women ranking, found 95 percent of female employees at the most highly rated companies describe their organizations as welcoming, friendly places they are proud to tell others about.

Ninety-three percent said customers would rate their company’s service as excellent.

The survey also found female employees give employers higher marks for offering professional development opportunities — which is significant, the two organizations said, as an analysis of the companies that were surveyed found women’s experience lagged behind their colleagues’ even as they advanced into leadership roles.

To view which companies were ranked as the 10 best workplaces for women, visit Great Place to Work’s website.