Wearing shorts may be OK — but swearing remains inappropriate workplace behavior

Offices have become more casual over the past decade, according to 91 percent of the senior managers who participated in a recent survey — some workplace behaviors, though, are still viewed as unacceptable.

Fifty-four percent of managers, for instance, feel using foul language at work isn’t right, and 48 percent say displaying political signs or messages is frowned upon.

Noise can also be a concern. Playing songs that other people can hear, instead of wearing headphones, is not how to listen to music at work, according to 41 percent of senior managers. Thirty-nine percent also regard streaming sports events as inappropriate workplace behavior.

Some companies, however, have revised their views on employees’ general appearance. One in three employers say that having nontraditional piercings was problematic in the past but is now perfectly acceptable — and 30 percent believe using casual language or emojis in emails has also become a more suitable practice in recent years.

Just over a third of companies (34 percent) also don’t mind employees wearing casual attire to work.

For more on acceptable and inappropriate workplace behaviors, view this information about the survey conducted by Accountemps.