8-31-15_blog.jpgGender inequality may cost corporations money…

Recent research suggests that women are generally absent from corporate leadership positions — nearly 60 percent of firms headquartered in 91 countries had no women on boards, as of 2014 — yet increasing gender-based workplace diversity could provide a significant pay-off.

In addition to lacking female board members, just over half of firms have no female executives at the C-suite level.

However, an analysis from the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that a change from having no female leaders to incorporating a 30 percent representation of women on boards and female executives is associated with a 15 percent increase in the net revenue margin.

For a summary of the report’s gender inequality in the workplace-related findings, view the “Is Gender Diversity Profitable?” press release; or access the full paper content for more information about the effect adding female executives and board members can have.

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