Baby boomers and employees in their early 20s share an affinity for coaching and mentoring

stock-photo-education-school-business-te-2002404-490535-edited.pngKnowledge workers prefer live or virtual instructor-led training, short videos, and coaching and mentoring to written materials, computer-based simulation training and other types of learning, according to a new survey. 

Different generations, however, have different preferences. Coaching and mentoring appeals most to the oldest and youngest age groups included in the survey, workers 50 and older and ones age 21 to 25.

Knowledge workers between age 21 and 32 rated live instructor-led training, videos, coaching or mentoring, and conversations with subject matter experts as their top workplace learning methods.

In general, workers under age 50 scored instructor-led training significantly lower than employees 50 and over. Although older employees expressed slightly less interest, all age groups generally ranked short videos similarly.

To find out more about each generation’s workplace learning method preferences, view this information about the survey, conducted by D2L.