A little room to move goes a long way.

More than a third of workers in 17 of the world’s most important economies are disengaged, according to a recent study from office furniture and technology provider Steelcase.

Office environment seems to play a significant role in employee satisfaction. The study, which involved more than 12,000 participants, found that workers who are highly satisfied with various aspects of their workplace also tend to demonstrate higher levels of engagement.

Can’t afford to completely redesign your office? Consider giving more personal space-related freedom.

Study results also showed that engaged employees often have a greater degree of control over where and when they work. Allowing workers to choose workspaces that let them concentrate and meet and collaborate with teams, when necessary, can have a significant impact your organization’s efforts to engage employees.

Download a copy of Steelcase’s Engagement and the Global Workplace report to learn more about workplace changes that can have a big effect.

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