Find out which G20 country has the biggest percentage — and which has the lowest

stock-photo-europe-countries-flags-again-2121477-634442-edited.pngAmong the G20 nations, Canada has the largest proportion of women — 46 percent — occupying senior civil service leadership roles, according to a new report from the Global Government Forum.

Australia, ranked second, has women in 43 percent of its leadership-level public sector roles. South Africa (41 percent) and the U.K. (40 percent) were ranked third and forth. Saudi Arabia was at the bottom of the list, with 1.3 percent, followed by Japan, where women comprise 3.5 percent of senior civil service positions.

The report noted that some countries, such as Mexico and France, were making strong progress toward gender equality in civil service positions, partially due to quotas that require a set portion of senior appointments to go to women.

Although women make up more than half of the world’s population, and the average proportion in G20 nation senior civil service positions has risen 1.5 percentage points in the past year and 6.9 points since 2013, the current total stands at just 26 percent.

For more on the Women Leaders Index report’s findings, visit the Global Government Forum’s website.