A third say they never skip a workday due to illness

kelly-sikkema-RmByg5kFfQg-unsplash-1If illnesses tend to spread through your office often, sick employees in the workplace could be a factor.

Ninety percent of professionals say they’ve come to work with cold or flu symptoms, according to a recent survey.

Thirty-three percent of those respondents say they always go to work, even when they’re under the weather.

More than half of employees who report to the office with a cold or the flu (54 percent) say they come to work because they have too much to do; 40 percent aren’t interested in taking a sick day.

Generationally, younger and older employees tend to go to work less often when sick than professionals age 25 to 40. Thirty-nine percent of the 25-to-40 age group is going into work sick at least occasionally, according to the findings, compared to only 26 percent of workers age 18 to 24 and 55 and older. Even fewer employees who are 41 to 54 years old — 26 percent — say they come to work when sick.

To find out more about employees going into work sick, view this information about the Accountemps survey.