hr-trends-tech.pngHuman resource management software with capabilities like monitoring wellness and measuring employee motivation are poised to change the way HR departments use technology, according to a new report from Deloitte.

The technology marketplace is shifting from HR software solutions that automate responsibilities to ones that focus on employee engagement, collaboration and innovation, according to the report.

Nine functionality trends were outlined in the report — indicating alterations to the way HR manages and measures performance; obtains additional feedback on engagement; uses people analytics and has access to intelligent learning systems that recommend educational opportunities at the right time.

The report also suggested the industry could see increased use of vendor time and scheduling management tools for part-time and freelance workers, collaboration- and goal-based team management HR software solutions that work with human resource management items employees already use and an increased amount of wellness and fitness apps, which may help improve employee engagement.

In addition, use of talent acquisition systems designed to handle the process and score applicants, along with self-service and other automated HR tools, may also expand.

For more on anticipated changes in the human resource management software market, read Deliotte’s “HR Technology Disruptions for 205: Nine Trends Reinventing the HR Software Market” report.

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