idea-collaborate-culture-fit.pngLooking to strengthen your employee recognition program? You may just need to slightly change its focus.

The majority of organizations that offer recognition programs have found they have a positive impact on engagement, workplace culture, retention and employee happiness — particularly when the programs are tied to company core values, according to new research.

More organizations — 60 percent, an increase from 50 percent in 2012 — are tying their employee recognition program to their values.

The results are often significant. Seventy percent received a greater return on investment than companies that did not connect their employee recognition program to company core values; 80 percent found incorporating core values helped them maintain a stronger employer brand.

When companies dedicated at least one percent of payroll to employee recognition programs that were aligned with their company core values, HR professionals were also more likely to see a greater impact on certain financial outcomes, including cost-control goals and ROI.

For more on the findings — and what other initiatives companies are offering to create a more positive workplace — review this additional information about the survey from the Society for Human Resource Management and Globoforce.