9-7-15_blog.jpg… Denmark, France and Spain,

according to a recent Glassdoor Economic Research survey.

The report, produced by career community website Glassdoor’s data analysis unit, touched on the following employee benefits in 14 European economies and the U.S.:

  • Paid sick leave: Workers can be absent for up to 104 weeks — two years — in the Netherlands, which has the most generous paid sick leave policy, and still receive 70 percent of their salary. The U.K., which offers about £88 a week for 28 weeks, and France, which provides 50 percent of a worker’s earnings for 26 weeks, have the least generous sick leave employee benefit policy (aside from the U.S., which has no policy).
  • Time off: Generally, paid holiday time entitlement in the EU is a minimum of four weeks a year. Sweden, France and Denmark top the list of paid leave days; workers get a minimum of 25 days each year. The U.S. doesn’t require employers to provide a time-off employee benefit.
  • Maternity leave: The U.K. offers the most generous maternity leave policy, in terms of time — 52 weeks, and 39 involve paid leave. (Women earn 90 percent of their earnings for the first six weeks, and up to about £140 a week.