relocation-new-office-home.pngAngola’s capital, Luanda, due to the high cost of goods and security, landed the top spot on Mercer’s 2017 list of the most expensive cities to live in if you’re an expatriate.

A number of other locales ranked highly in its cost of living survey. Hong Kong came in at No. 2; Tokyo was third, and Zurich was fourth. Singapore rounded out the top five in the fifth spot.

The remaining cities in the top 10 were Seoul, number six; and Geneva, Shanghai, New York City and Bern, respectively.

Companies looking to promote remote work opportunities as a chance to avoid a high cost of living may want to consider some of the places identified as being the least expensive place to live — Tunis, for example, Bishkek or Skopje.

For more on Mercer’s findings, visit its website.