Find out why new research suggests companies may need to fast-track training and other initiatives


Compared to other employee groups, senior managers are the most satisfied with their job, and they feel less pressured than middle managers — many of whom, according to a recently released survey, are under so much stress it’s having a negative effect on their well-being.

Employees performing casual and low-skilled work currently face a particularly challenging situation due to a lack of employee training and development. Thirty-seven percent have not received any training in the last 12 months; 43 percent of employees who perform casual or low-skilled work say their position doesn’t offer significant opportunities to develop their skills.

Ineffective employee training and development makes it difficult for those employees to progress.

Overall, although one in four workers feel their job negatively affects their mental health, and nearly a third say their workload is too much, two-thirds are content with their job. Just one in five workers say they’re dissatisfied.


For more on the findings, view this information about the survey CIPD conducted measuring job satisfaction in the U.K.