Engineering, finance jobs proved particularly hard to fill in 2017

stock-photo-spiral-maths-notebook-with-c-2022277-978540-edited.pngMore than three times as many hiring managers felt hirin g employees had gotten harder in the past year, compared to the amount who felt it had become easier, according to a new survey — and more than half named access to skilled workers as the biggest challenge.

Hiring managers also cited budget and internal processes as top challenges involved in finding new employees.

Hiring employees can be a time-consuming process: Positions are typically open for an average of 36 days, according to the research, conducted by freelance website Upwork. Engineering roles, which were open for 45 days, and accounting/finance jobs, which remained vacant for 39, were open the longest.

The majority (59 percent) of hiring managers agree job skills have become more specialized compared to three years ago. Sixty-one percent expect skills to become even more specialized in the next decade; 65 percent agree companies will need to invest in training to ensure they have skilled workers on hand for the jobs of tomorrow.

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