workplace_stress_frustrated.pngWorkplace stress may be declining, according to a new report from wellness portal provider MediKeeper.

In 2014, 33 percent of its customers, ranging from entry-level workers to executives, who participated in the company’s health risk assessment questionnaire ranked their stress level as three on a scale of one to five.

In 2016, however, the largest portion — 36 percent — of respondents rated their stress level as two.

Fewer employees also now feel extreme stress in the workplace. From 2014-2016, the percentage who said they had a stress level of 5 dropped by 39 percent.

The factors that cause workplace stress, however, remained essentially the same.

Employees ranked financial worries as their top stress inducer, followed by concern over family life, feeling overworked, having difficulty sleeping and concern over a child’s habits, performance or behavior.

For more on MediKeeper’s workplace stress findings, view its study summary.