Talent Intelligence is a dedicated and trusted talent partner to the world’s most dynamic and ambitious organizations, empowering them to get ahead – and stay ahead.

We take a unique approach to every recruitment context, incorporating your strategy, needs and ambitions. We look ahead, appreciating the big picture – as well as the immediate needs.  

We act as your strategic talent partner, and provide you with access to your entire candidate pool through interactive, real-time candidate dashboards

Read below to find out more about how our suite of services can power your organization’s talent performance.  

Talent Pipelining

Gain a competitive advantage by proactively building talent pipelines that keep great people connected to your organization, while decreasing recruitment time and costs. Talent pipelines are refreshed regularly, so your organization can fill vacancies at speed and with confidence when it’s time to hire.

Significantly reduced lead times that help you find excellent candidates for difficult-to-fill roles.

What Talent Pipelining gives you:

  • No placement fees on roles filled and reduced reliance on search firms
  • Reduced talent risk and lead times that help you find top candidates for difficult-to-fill roles
  • Increased depth, quality and diversity of the talent available

Diversity Intelligence

Diverse workplaces attract top candidates, retain their people for longer and see increased revenue. Use Diversity Intelligence to benchmark your organization’s diversity initiatives against best practices and build talent pipelines that address and encourage diversity.

What Diversity Intelligence gives you:

  • Pipelines of diverse talent, which can be turned into hires without placement fees
  • In depth understanding of the market so you can improve upon your organization’s diversity initiatives
  • Knowledge of best practice when it comes to attracting and retaining diverse talent

Succession Intelligence

Talent Intelligence can assist your succession plans by identifying external high-potential candidates to be benchmarked against existing teams, enabling clients to adjust talent strategies to meet current and future demands.

What Succession Intelligence gives you:

  • Smooth transitions of external talent that is already matched to your needs
  • Opportunities to identify and meet with external talent who could become ideal candidates for a critical senior level vacancy

Talent Intelligence acts as your expert partner to help locate and secure top executive candidates. Our Executive Search service identifies the executive level (C-suite and VP) candidates who will transform your organization’s performance.

What Executive Search gives you:

  • A pipeline of executives who have the experience and skills that will fit in your company culture and enhance your competitive advantage in the market
  • Comprehensive understanding of the talent market so you can identify leaders that will create a positive impact on your organization


Sourcing allows organizations to efficiently fill high-volume immediate and reoccurring vacancies with great talent, at speed and at ease.

What Sourcing gives you:

  • Protection from commercial loss caused by roles going unfilled
  • Access to new candidate pools while reducing time to hire from existing ones
  • Management of recruitment spend, advertising and strategy