Employers say college graduates lack job skills

Recent Grads Are Computer-Savvy — But Aren’t Great at Teamwork or Solving Problems - Talent Intelligence

The majority of new recruits in the U.S. aren’t well-prepared to perform in a professional environment at a high level, according to a recently released study that suggests insufficient soft skills may be a problem.

The study found only 35 percent of corporations feel recent grads possess the necessary hard and soft skills.

Corporations tend to view hard skills as less of an issue, however. Only 12 percent felt new recruits didn’t possess or needed significant training to strengthen their computer literacy, written communication and other hard skills.

Forty-one percent of corporate respondents said recent grads lacked the soft skills to be effective.

Analytical reasoning; complex problem-solving; the ability to work in a team; and agility and adaptability are the top four soft skills companies say new hires lack.

Roughly four in 10 corporate respondents said they plan to invest in reskilling current employees. Half of corporate respondents, however, anticipate they will face budget constraints to make that happen.

For more about hard and soft skills recruits may not possess, download a copy of this report, issued by Workday and Bloomberg Next.