Could taking workers’ tech preferences into account help your organization thrive?

new-data-services-746335-unsplash-1The digital experience employees have — which can encompass the types of technology used in the workplace and how information is accessed — can influence a company’s revenue growth and talent recruitment efforts, according to findings from a new global survey.

Jobseekers are interested in what technology, apps and devices they’ll use if they work for an organization; 73 percent say the digital tools an employer offers would influence their decision to apply to or accept a position at a company.

Employees who are able to select the technological devices they use for work are more likely to view their employer as a strong competitor in its market.

Similarly, the survey found employees at organizations that enable them to easily work from anywhere are significantly more likely to be proud of their company, feel it has a progressive culture and refer to it as one of the best places to work, compared to employees at companies that don’t support working remotely.

The survey findings also indicate, however, that employees and IT professionals have differing takes on how employees’ technological needs are being met.

While 95 percent of IT decision makers say their department provides ample digital tools for employees to be successful, more than a third (42 percent) of workers feel they don’t have all the items they need.

For more about HR, IT and other employees’ thoughts on the importance of the digital experience in the workplace, view this press release from VMware or download a copy of the report about the research.