Aaushi Arora


Aaushi Arora is a Senior Account Manager for Talent Intelligence, serving as the lead for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. She manages a wide variety of Talent Pipelining, Succession Planning, Market [...]

Aaushi Arora2022-12-02T12:35:02-05:00

Ralph Brown


Ralph is currently the Head of Diversity and Inclusion Practice and a member of the senior leadership team. He has worked across Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Aviation, Management Consulting, Mining [...]

Ralph Brown2022-12-05T21:59:11-05:00

Josh Davis


Josh is leading Talent Intelligence's Global Innovation Program, which consist of projects aimed at enhancing services, offerings, processes and procedures. He has worked in the Financial, Healthcare, Insurance, Aerospace, Industrial, [...]

Josh Davis2022-01-21T22:17:35-05:00

Charm Dhanjal


  Charm Dhanjal is the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Account Director at Talent Intelligence, where she manages a skilled team working to fill a variety of job [...]

Charm Dhanjal2022-12-02T12:29:12-05:00

Peter Johns


Peter is the co-founder and group CEO of Talent Intelligence. Peter set up Talent Intelligence in 2003 and has developed the business into a globally operating management consultancy. Prior to establishing [...]

Peter Johns2022-01-21T22:19:40-05:00

Marlo Kane


  Marlo Kane is an Account Director at Talent Intelligence, where she works with domestic and international accounts to identify and implement client-centric recruiting solutions that directly address their employment [...]

Marlo Kane2022-12-02T11:22:23-05:00

Ian Matthews


Ian is the organization's Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. He has experience in the Professional Services, Pharmaceutical and Telecoms industries. Ian, who has been with TI since 2014, [...]

Ian Matthews2022-03-04T22:33:20-05:00

Mark McKenzie


Mark is the Executive Chairman of Talent Intelligence. He has extensive experience across the Warehousing, Storage and Distribution Industries. Mark joined the organization in 2013. Prior to Talent Intelligence, He worked across [...]

Mark McKenzie2022-01-21T22:21:28-05:00
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