stock-photo-young-beautiful-muslim-woman-1240041-217264-edited.pngSixty-two percent of the global workforce is taking advantage of full-time, partial or after-hours remote work opportunities — more than ever before, according to a new survey.

Ninety-eight percent of employees in 12 countries — including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Germany, Russia, France, Australia and China — feel the ability to work where they want boosts productivity.

However, more than 60 percent of remote workers worry they won’t be perceived as hard-working because they’re not in the office.

Video collaboration won praise from the majority of respondents; 92 percent agreed it improves teamwork by adding human interaction that can help remote workers and their on-site coworkers build relationships.

For more on how global workforce members feel about remote work opportunities and other topics, view video solutions provider Polycom’s site.