Free meals and snacks could help employers boost team building and efficiency

stock-photo-business-people-enjoying-sus-1053311Companies that offer free food for employees may find it helps increase productivity — 70 percent of workers say not having to go out to lunch saves them time.

Seventy-six percent value the money they save eating employer-provided food.

Results from a new survey indicate offering meals and snacks can play a positive role in an office environment. Seventy-eight percent of employees consider it important for their employer to provide meals at work; 88 percent feel the same way about snacks.

Thirty-eight percent of workers say they consider office food to be one of the best benefits employees can receive.

Companies also seem to view providing food as beneficial. Ninety percent say sharing meals at work helps employees build stronger relationships with colleagues; 88 percent appreciate the time ordering lunch for the office saves employees. Seventy-nine percent feel meals can aid in the onboarding process by serving as a way for new employees to meet their coworkers.

To find out more about employee and employer attitudes about free office food — including what snacks they’d like to see — check out the results from ZeroCater’s survey.