Spouses have a better chance of getting an invite

eugene-zhyvchik-bbNd3wFwG0I-unsplash-1Nearly 76 percent of organizations are planning a company holiday party this year — the highest percentage since 2016, according to a new survey.

Approximately 7 percent are hosting a holiday party after a year or more of not having one. More than 10 percent of companies reported they are not holding a party this year, for various reasons. Roughly 14 percent said they never have a company holiday party.

Fewer companies than last year feel the economy has improved; however, more — 47 percent — say they’re inviting families and spouses to their holiday party. Only 30 percent of companies extended the invitation to non-employees in 2018. Approximately 27 percent have budgeted more for this year’s party.

Sixty percent of organizations plan to hold their company party on a workday or near the end of one, compared to 52 percent in 2018.

More than half (53 percent) of companies are offering alcohol at this year’s event. Last year, 49 percent did.

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