New research indicates they’re concerned about their current proficiencies

mimi-thian-737585-unsplash-1Nearly half of millennials — 49 percent — believe new technologies will augment their jobs, and almost as many — 46 percent — feel the workplace transformation and the changing nature of work will make it tougher to find or change jobs, according to recently released results from a survey involving the generation.

In addition, 70 percent of millennials believe they may only have some or few of the skills required to succeed in the Industry 4.0 automated and data-rich work environment; they also feel the business world is primarily responsible for training workers to meet evolving challenges, whereas Gen Z members believe that’s academia’s responsibility.

A majority of millennials also responded that they give a “great deal” or “fair amount” of importance to gender and ethnicity as one of the factors to consider when evaluating a job offer. The survey found a correlation between millennial employees who plan to stay in their current jobs and companies with successful diversity and inclusion programs.

While millennials hope to make a high salary, the survey also found they prioritize more than just money. Fifty-seven percent would rather travel and see the world, while fewer — 49 percent — say they’d prefer to buy a home.

For more about Gen Z’s viewpoint and millennials in the workplace, read this information about the survey, conducted by Deloitte.