Employers face an increasingly competitive talent market

Manufacturing Workers Are Currently in Demand - Talent Intelligence For the first time in a decade, the amount of hourly manufacturing and logistics jobs outnumbers the amount of U.S. workers available to fill them, according to recently released data.

As a result, manufacturing and logistics employees can — and may — opt to leave their current position to work at a new company.

More than a quarter — 26 percent — of employed hourly workers said they are actively pursuing new jobs, and an additional 30 percent are willing to consider a new job if an opportunity presented itself.

The survey also found workers view the initial pay rate, job security and benefits as the most important factors in choosing a job.

A great work culture, favorable schedule and the ability to learn new skills are the top reasons employees stay with a company.

The survey results indicated, in fact, that skill-building is of particular interest to manufacturing and logistics industry employees.

Ninety percent of the respondents said they’re interested in workplace apprenticeships; more than a third (35 percent) felt having one would be a great way to grow their career and/or skill set. A fifth of the respondents said they wanted to pursue workplace apprenticeships, but had not had an opportunity to.

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