mental-health.pngMen are twice as likely to have mental health problems as a result of their job, instead of issues outside of work, according to a new survey.

One in three men attribute their poor mental health to work; one in seven say it’s due to other problems.

Female employees, on the other hand, say their job and problems outside of work are equal contributing factors.

The research also found male workers are less prepared to seek help for mental health issues, and they’re also less likely to take time off.

Two in five female employees say the culture in their organization makes it possible to speak openly about their poor mental health; just one in three men feel the same way. Two in five women have also taken time off due to mental health issues, while only one in three men have.

Male and female employees also seem to be approached differently in the workplace, which may have an effect on mental health status. While three in five women feel their manager regularly checks in to see how they are feeling, only half of male workers say their supervisor makes an effort to make contact.

Find out more about the survey results from Mind, the charity that conducted the research.