New research indicates that’s not how to retain an employee who wants to leave

Making a Counteroffer Won’t Help You Keep Departing Employees - Talent Intelligence New research indicates that’s not how to retain an employee who wants to leave

Offering a higher salary to try to hold on to workers who are leaving for another job is a fairly popular practice; 48 percent of Canadian senior managers have done it, according to a recent survey.

Most employers say they were motivated to offer employees a higher salary to prevent institutional knowledge from being lost.

Avoiding spending the time and money to hire a replacement was the second most common reason organizations tried to woo employees who’d given notice.

However, although making a counteroffer may temporarily prevent employees who are leaving for another job from exiting, it’s often not a long-term solution. The Robert Half-sponsored survey found staff members who accept counteroffers typically leave the company in less than two years.

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