These three other techniques also help with developing talent

stock-photo-smiling-business-people-with-1187762.pngCareer conversations, internal leadership development programs, employee assessments and mentoring programs are the four most effective methods employers can use to foster talent, according to a recent survey involving HR professionals from Europe, North America and Australia.

Respondents also mentioned one-on-one coaching with external coaches as a top technique for developing talent.

In addition, HR professionals provided some insight into the most significant people-related challenges their organization is currently facing. Adapting to change was listed as the top concern, followed by employee engagement; talent recruitment and hiring new talent; a lack of managerial coaching skills and retaining key talent.

Several proficiencies were identified as being a crucial component for workers to remain competitive in the job market. HR professionals place a high value on strong communication abilities, leadership agility and an eagerness to learn.

Find out what roles HR industry members say are most at risk and other information about developing and recruiting new talent from Harmonics, the company that conducted the survey, on its website.