Find out what else workers want

stock-photo-long-grey-office-desk-with-3-1968242-603646-edited.pngSeventy-one percent of working professionals view workplace design and environment as equally or more important than office location when considering a new job, according to a survey from Capital One.

Employees chose natural light (62 percent) as the most desired workplace design element, followed by artwork and creative imagery (44 percent) and easily reconfigurable furniture and spaces (43 percent).

Respondents also ranked the amenities they ideally would like their office environment to include. The top three items working professionals across five major U.S. markets — New York City, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. — prioritize are healthy food and beverage options, relaxation/social areas, and health and wellness centers and programming.

Companies can potentially benefit from providing a well-designed office environment — which, according to employees, can help fuel workplace innovation. Although 63 percent of working professionals say their office doesn’t currently feature innovative design, more than three quarters feel it’s a necessary component for workplace innovation.

For more details about the effect workplace design can have, visit Capital One’s website.