If employers can make them happy, more than two-thirds say they’ll log in extra time.

stock-photo-composite-image-of-telephone-1713319-636380-edited.pngJobseekers today tend to be younger — nearly half are age 18 to 34 — and many favor growth opportunities over flashy perks, according to newly released results from the Addison Group’s survey on employee preferences.

Candidates are willing to go the distance for a position they’re happy in; 70 percent say they’d be willing to work weekends and holidays for the right job.

More than a third of jobseekers are looking for fresh challenges in a new position. Eighty-five percent, in fact, are concerned they should be doing more to advance in their career in the future.

Workers also say they’d rather have a dependable colleague than a charismatic one. Seventy-six percent say they value skills over personality when a company hires someone.

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