Employers also pay attention to other elements when reviewing a resume

Job Candidates’ Spelling Can Keep Them From Getting Hired - Talent Intelligence

Hiring managers report resume typos and grammar mistakes are one of the top reasons for rejecting a candidate — followed by an unprofessional email address, a new survey says.

Hiring managers also expressed frustration with seeing an applicant’s resume list unquantifiable results, contain long paragraphs or not be customized to address the company.

A number of employers — 75 percent — say they’ve also found a lie on a job candidate’s resume.

Some of the outrageous examples survey respondents cited include a job candidate claiming to have held 40 different jobs during the course of a year; a one-sentence resume and credit application for an apartment being accidentally submitted instead of an applicant’s resume.

Some resume errors, however, have likely been missed, since 39 percent of hiring managers say they spend less than a minute reviewing a resume, and 23 percent take less than 30 seconds.

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